Jesus is who He says He was and who the Bible claims Him to be.  Jesus was not just a good teacher or a wise man with good morals.  He was God incarnate (God in human form).  He took on flesh and blood and lived among humanity, experiencing everything we have and doing so perfectly.  Jesus is God and He is the only person to have ever lived without sin and He is the only person to have ever lived without sin and He is the only way to heaven.  No one but Jesus Himself can offer forgiveness from our sins and salvation.


Our eternity is determined by faith alone.  Jesus is the Savior of all mankind and offers eternal life with God to anyone who accepts Him as such.  Believing in Jesus is the first step on a journey to discover a relationship (not a religion).  Accepting Jesus is not about perfection, it is about drawing nearer to Him everyday, waking up each morning and choosing to follow Him with everything you can.


Giving your life to God and accepting Jesus into your life happens by you saying a simple prayer.  In Romans chapter 10 versus 9 and 10 it states, “If you declare that Jesus is Lord, and believe that God brought him back to life, you will be saved. By believing you receive God’s approval, and by declaring your faith you are saved.” 


You can pray this simple prayer on your own by saying,
Jesus, I believe You are God.  I believe that you lived, died, and came back to life to save me, give me a new life,
and life after death.  Forgive me of all my wrongs. I accept your sacrifice that paid the price for my sin.
I receive You, Jesus as Savior and Lord of my life. Thank you.  Amen! 
If you would like to know more about asking Jesus into your life or would like to pray the simple prayer with someone, email and we will contact you shortly.

New to


We are developing a city of love center where we believe it will create an atmosphere of love, peace and unity.  A Light to the Nations Africa Ministries is a growing, vibrant ministry where we believe God has a dynamic purpose for your life, and having a community of believers around you is a part of that purpose. We know God is doing great things at A Light to the Nations Africa Ministries and we pray you come and see all God is doing in the lives of our family.

What To Expect

There are services for the whole family that include wonderful praise & worship, performing arts and multi-media. You will experience a time of relevant biblical teaching, and an opportunity to make a decision to follow Jesus Christ. You may also see the power of God moving in our services with prayer for the sick and those that need to be encouraged. 
We have greeters and guest services throughout our facility
to help assist you with any questions you may have.

Living to make positive change to every one in the community and around us
Empowering community transformation through capacity building focusing on mindset. Creating environment with great atmosphere in the community where every body in the community will feel loved and be exposed to the best life.
Col 3:12-15