The Founder


Pastor Ian Tumusime is the President  of A Light to the Nations Africa Ministries. 
He is the husband of Janette Tumusime, together they are the parents of five children. 
Pastor Ian has served as an as pastor and interpreter for visiting preachers at Africa Revival Palace community church in Gisozi, has studied with YWAM Rwanda, and Christ for the nations South Africa.He serves with aLn USA as African director organizing crusades in various countries., bringing pastors together for the betterment of their communities.
 He has initiated several projects that have helped people in need, particularly in the Bugesera Community.
In July 2018 Ian was honored with Doctorate by Universty of Zoe theological seminary.  
In 2000 Ian was praying and fasting asking God to give him a job to put food on the table. God spoke to him to go start a community center and help people in Bugesera, who were leaving the area that God was sending him to. Ian thought it was a crazy dream, and felt very bad because he wanted a job, but God was asking him to go and help people. He didn’t have food but God told him go and help. In 2014 Ian moved his family in a very challenging moment to the place where God had called him, and has now many ongoing projects, which brought work to the people who were in need of a sustainable income. By God’s grace and mercy he will continue doing the will of God.